Dance Class Descriptions:


Pre-school ballet/tap (ages 3-5):  This is many student's first introduction to dance.  They will learn ballet basics and how to follow instructions.  In tap they will learn rhythm and musicality.

Pre-school acrobats (ages 3-5):  Students will gain strength and control through stretching and basic tumbling skills.

Ballet (ages 6 & up):  Students learn classical technique through barre and center work.  Emphasis is placed on correct body alignment and terminology.

Pointe (must be in level 3 ballet or higher):  Classical ballet work on pointe.

Jazz (ages 6 & up):  Jazz class consists of isolations, stretches, progressions and center combinations.  Jazz dance incorporates ballet technique through stylized movements, leaps and turns.

Tap (ages 6 & up):  Tap is a class where students will learn rhythm and musicality through footwork.

Lyrical/Contemporary (must be an Intermediate level dancer with ballet background):  This class is a combination of ballet, jazz and modern dance.  Emphasis is on technique, control and emotional connection through today's contemporary style of dance.  

Acrobats (ages 6 & up):  Acrobatics is a tumbling class consisting of stretches, control tricks and running tricks.  Emphasis is on correct execution.

Hip hop (ages 7 & up):  Hip hop is a free-form street dance type of dance.    This class consists of strenghtening exercises, isolations and fun combinations in today's styles.

Intemediate and Advanced Technique classes:  This class is for the dancer wishing to strengthen their technique.  It consists of conditioning exercises, stretching and work on turns and leaps.  It is a great addition for the competitive dancer.